7 - Hansel Dunlop & Sarah Restall

"The idea of home schooling and not being tied to The Man in any way, shape or form, was quite a political part of our family. Mum and dad have always been a bit unconventional…they are quite fierce about being able to make your own decisions in life, and that’s how they raised us."

6 - Mary Pfeiffer

“I noticed that they became very very happy children! … I did not realise that something was missing so much from the environment that they were in, that they literally had lost a deep part of their happiness.”

2 - Sinéad Graham

"My worry and concern is that at the moment, the direction things are going in- with the government and their agenda- is that there is a lot more testing, and therefore more of an emphasis on rote learning - learning lots of very useless information."

1 - Ayesha Weekes

"If I'd have known what I know now ten years ago, I would have become an artist ten years ago instead of going, 'right, I need to get a proper job and work for somebody'. We don't teach children these options... we don't say 'but you can make a job for yourself, you can create jobs for other people! You in yourself have got the creativity and the capacity to do anything you want!' "