11 - Shikira Alleyne

11 - Shikira Alleyne

Listen in as host Makeba Garraway talks with home educator and creative Shikira Alleyne, about:

  • Her journey from teacher to home educator, and the reasons behind that transition
  • Helping her son rebuild his self-confidence and manage big emotions more skilfully once he was out of school
  • The evolution of their home education journey moved from very structured to more child-led
  • The nuts and bolts of how she transitioned from full time work to launching a business while being on maternity leave and home educating
  • How she uses art and creativity as tools to promote and improve wellbeing and mental health, in herself and others.
  • Embracing and learning from the messy and imperfect nature of home education to combat her perfectionist tendencies.  


Find Shikira online:

Website: www.kreativepursuit.com

Instagram/ Twitter: @kre8iveshack


Links discussed in the show:

Fare of the Free Child Podcast by Akilah S Richards: www.akilahsrichards.com and www.patreon.com/akilah

Artist Adebayo Bolaji: http://officialade.com/index.html


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Music: Intro/outro/ interlude - produced & arranged by Soliheen: www.soundcloud.com/soliheen

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