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11 - Shikira Alleyne

“It sounds crazy, but I don’t think I really knew him… Their whole day is at school and they come home for a few hours- you feed them, bathe them and put them to bed, and then you do it again the next day. I’m learning things about him that I wouldn’t get to if he was at school.”

10 - Dr Els Draeger

“Teaching about consent is something that can start from a really early age … If you start teaching children when they’re two that they don’t have to kiss anyone they don’t want to kiss, and they don’t have to hug anyone they don’t want to hug, then as they get older and you start to explain about sexual consent, it’s logical and it makes sense to them.”

9 - Kate & Phyllis

“As time has gone on, I just cannot envisage them being in school- the idea of them sitting down, passively waiting for something to be taught them. They are very active in all their learning- they go looking for things to do… they go out and about a lot, getting back to nature and doing physical things outdoors - it makes them very physically confident.

8 - Nehanda Truscott-Reid

"I’ve come around to the idea that actually the whole benefit of home schooling is that you don’t have to follow such strict guidelines, but then I’m like, “but then what?”... I’m still undecided as to how and when exactly we might make that choice."

7 - Hansel Dunlop & Sarah Restall

"The idea of home schooling and not being tied to The Man in any way, shape or form, was quite a political part of our family. Mum and dad have always been a bit unconventional…they are quite fierce about being able to make your own decisions in life, and that’s how they raised us."

6 - Mary Pfeiffer

“I noticed that they became very very happy children! … I did not realise that something was missing so much from the environment that they were in, that they literally had lost a deep part of their happiness.”

2 - Sinéad Graham

"My worry and concern is that at the moment, the direction things are going in- with the government and their agenda- is that there is a lot more testing, and therefore more of an emphasis on rote learning - learning lots of very useless information."

1 - Ayesha Weekes

"If I'd have known what I know now ten years ago, I would have become an artist ten years ago instead of going, 'right, I need to get a proper job and work for somebody'. We don't teach children these options... we don't say 'but you can make a job for yourself, you can create jobs for other people! You in yourself have got the creativity and the capacity to do anything you want!' "